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Welcome to "Ask an Expert," where you can direct your questions about training and handling a stockdog to a noted expert. This forum is new to our Boards, but it was a successful feature for some time at LittleHats.net, and has now been moved here along with its archive of previously asked and answered questions.


AMANDA MILLIKEN is our current expert, and we appreciate very much her willingness to help us out.


Two points to keep in mind: (1) THIS FORUM DEALS WITH STOCKDOG TRAINING AND HANDLING ONLY; training for dogs in other walks of life is dealt with elsewhere on the Boards. (2) This forum is restricted to answers from our current expert. (In other words, forum members can post questions here, but only the expert should attempt to answer them.) It's great if you have thoughts on helping and comments to make, but for this forum only you might want to consider writing your ideas to the original poster privately. The "Training Discussion" and "Trial Tips" forums, of course, are fair game for anyone to post their suggestions and pointers. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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