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I have 2 BC's and one Sheltie, things have been going good until a few weeks ago.

My one BC (Kaycee) is 4 years old and gets along well with both the other dogs, she pretty much rules.

My problem is my Sheltie(Allea) who is 8 years old has always been a little grumpy and she growls at the other 2 dogs if they get to close, in the past both my other dogs ignore her and carry on. But the last couple of weeks my BC pup (Sassie) who is 9 mths old has started to get quite agressive and attacks her if she growls or comes near me. I know some of this aggression is jealousy but I'm getting concerned one of them is going to get hurt. I do break it up and they are never left alone together but I'm sure my Sheltie would get hurt because Sassie is not playing she is out to hurt. Any suggestions would really help, because I don't know what to do. Like I said everything was okay until the last few weeks.


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Sounds like your pup Sassie is living up to her name, and trying to raise in the pack order. It is not OK to growl or attack your elders. Period. That is great that you do not leave them alone together, or Sassy will just get to practice bullying Allea. If you are not already doing it, implement strict NILIF for Sassy (Google it if you are unfamiliar with it). She is entering adolescence, and is trying to push her political desires. You can try time outs for her when she grumbles at Allea (5 minutes in isolation), that worked well for us, but Hoku is pretty soft. I'm sure others with multi dog homes will have more ideas. Just be sure to protect Allea, be firm and fair with them all. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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