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Real warning or just a hoax?

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I talked to my sis in CA today and she has a young boxer. Anyway, she said one night after mopping her floor with the Swifer mop with the purple bottle, and her dog licking the floor afterwards, she got violently ill in her crate. She seemed fine the next morning however. Then my sis got an e-mail from some one she has been getting training tips from that said one dog had already died from this concoction. That they use anti-freeze in the formula.


Has anyone else heard this? And where could you get the real scoop on it? Sounds scary if its true!

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This must circulate about once or twice a year because I've seen similar stories different places about that often - and always Swiffer for some reason. I've also always heard it's a hoax - although I can't imagine the stuff tastes very good or is something you'd want to consume much of - even if it isn't toxic.

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I read this (about the German Shepherd, too ))about two-three years ago, when I had my guinea pig and I had just bought a Swiffer Wet Jet. Of course I freaked out, since his cage was in the kitchen and he used to roam freely in the house.I researched it at that time and on the J&J website (or whoever manufactures it) they had a note saying it's a scam. And if nothing happened to a 5 lb fur ball cavy, nothing will happen to a dog, either...


I found the site that RDM listed above a while back and it has some interesting things.

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