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Recipes for Sick Puppies

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White rice and boiled meat - either hamburger or chicken. Depending on how upset the tummy is and the possible cause, I may offer yogurt also - or a probiotic gel I have. If the tummy is REALLY upset, just plain white rice.


You really want to rest the tummy for one meal if the cause is unknown, then introduce a small amount of the rice/meat (or just rice) the first time.


The other thing my vet likes to have me do is freeze a few jars of chicken baby food in ice cubes. Itty bitty puppies love these. Even not sick ones. :rolleyes:

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Like Becca, I fast one meal (my dogs are fed 2x a day). Then I start with a little white rice. Each meal I add a little more rice, and start up with increments of either boiled chicken or hamburger. I also add slippery elm bark powder (1/4 tsp per 10 lbs of dog, mixed with enough cold water to make a thick gruel), and sometimes a pre-biotic, pro-biotic, dig. enzyme supp. Depending on the dog, sometimes I'll add some pumpkin in after a day or so.


Once I get a few days of normal stools I start adding their kibble/food back in very slowly.

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At an Agility trial Dazzle had a sick tummy and one of the people there made her white rice with what I think was cottage cheese. Giving her a bit of that cleared her up in another day!


I don't know if it was really cottage cheese - but I think so.....

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