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New Job For Freeway

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Since our Freeway has had knee surgery and cannot do agility any more I have decided to find him another task to learn.


Unfortunate for the me...since I haven't got a clue where to start. When out for potty breaks I have put a harness on him and he seems quite keen to put the nose to ground and follow a host of interesting scents.

So I guess he has decided he would like to try tracking or similar activities.


Any good and simple starting web sites I can use to instill the idea of finding what I want and not what HE wants?


Oce we get that in hand I am sure I'll need more ideas but for now he cant do much, so needs something easy to get going.




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Hi Julie,


I found this site which has a variety of information.




Jazz loves tracking. Since tracking allows the dog to do the 'thinking' they find it more fun than obedience :rolleyes: It's something that can be done just about anywhere as well. We started in fields, worked into the bush and I'm hoping to try 'in town' tracking at some point in time.


have fun!

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