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Pancreatitis Caused by Obstruction?

Allie Oop

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Poor Allie made a visit to the vet today because since Sunday night she didn't want to eat or drink anything. She was listless, but still interested in things -- just not her normal self. I kind of wondered if she might eaten something she wasn't supposed to (like the cat's toy mouse) and so I monitored it for 24 hrs and she had no obvious signs of distress or pain, no vomiting or diarrhea, but I got so worried last night I got up at 3:00 a.m. and fed her ice chips, which she seemed to enjoy. Took her in today on my lunch hour and ended up having to leave her for x-rays of her abdomen and blood tests.


She had no temperature, no pain, but was quite dehydrated (and she only weighed 29 lbs, rather than her normal 30). The diagnosis was possible pancreatitis triggered by a foreign object. The vet said she saw "something" in the intestines, but it wasn't clear if it was an obstruction. So, she gave Allie barium pellets and we have to go back tomorrow if she isn't feeling better and have another x-ray to check for the barium. Her bloodwork showed elevated enzymes and some pancreatic issues, but the vet thought it could possibly caused by an infection. She also put Allie on antibiotics and did subcutaneous rehydration (now Allie has little side packs like a camel). :rolleyes:


Tonight Allie has eaten some chicken baby food and has been drinking water, with no ill effects (still no vomiting or diarrhea) and seems more herself. I guess we won't really know until tomorrow.


From what I have read, most pancreatitis is caused by eating fatty foods, but Allie eats Blue Buffalo kibble and some fresh meat and vegetables, not too much with high protein or fat. She also doesn't have any diarrhea or vomiting. I realize the we probably caught the issue in the early stages, but I was wondering if anyone else here has run into this problem?

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Update - obstruction was rawhide strips. :rolleyes: Fortunately, the blockage appears to have been passed and she will not be facing surgery. She is very, very hungry and is not pleased to be limited to baby food, rice and Hills prescription food. I have to take her back to the vet next week for follow-up blood work on the pancreatitis issue - I'm crossing my fingers that the numbers improve (the vet said the values were very high). Hopefully there is no underlying pancreatic condition.

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