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Ducks in need of a home


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I had a duck population explosion this year - so now I have about 16 runner-pekin mix ducks that would love to live with someone else. They are great for working dogs with (especially if you don't have a demented gander that thinks they are his kids and is protecting them accordingly). They are 3 months old plus - so are "fully" grown. Free will donations appreciated. I'm located near Ft. Wayne, IN. If anyone can use some, let me know - I have males & females both. A pond is not necessary, they do very well without, but do appreciate a good barn tank to take an occasional splash in.

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Too bad you don't live near me. I have 10 acres and 4 huge ponds. I have some ducks but need more.


A couple of ducks have taken it upon themselves to be my new best friends and are pests...they follow me everywhere, stick their noses...ooops, I mean bills in evrything and generally offer unsolicited advice at all times...but I love them dearly!! They have real personalities!!


Imagine 3 Border Collies, Tess, Shiro, and Tait and 5 ducks following me all around. The ducks know the dogs can not herd them so they just wander all over.


Sometimes I will herd the ducks to another pond and as soon as I call the dog off, they just climb rihgt out and follow the dog back <sigh>


It's a fun and relaxing time at the farm...:rolleyes:



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Diane -

I'll trade you. As if the ducks aren't bad enough - and they discovered there's dog food on the deck - aaahhhggg! - our buck goat is in heat BIG TIME. Yeah, I know, but I don't care what they say, the doe is very sensible - she says, "Get near me and DIE". He goes all over "singing" and wailing - we call him the banshee goat. He's propositioning everything that moves. He got in with one of my rams today and they had themselves knocked silly until they were sweating and had tongues hanging to the ground. It's enough to drive me nuts.

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