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North Carolina Benefit?

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It looks like the Bluegrass folks are willing to give it a go again.


A Trial Committee was formed last night at the home of Eleanor Peavy. We are willing to take on the awesome task of running another Bluegrass

Classic SDT. However, we must have your help. The Committee is throwing down the fundraising gauntlet! The KBCA will kick-start the effort with a December 10 & 11, 2005 fun trial at the home Rusty Kreider in Danville, KY (posted entry form to follow soon). All proceeds will go toward funding the Bluegrass Classic. Michigan has

pledged support, and we have heard from Georgia, and Virginia as well. Where are you California? Do we here a voice in the Northeast?? It will take a minimum of five fun trials to get us well on our way to raising the ~$36,000.00 it takes to run the Bluegrass Classic.

I feel the Bluegrass is important from a historic point of view, and also a practical point of view. Without the Bluegrass, the East/West divide will become more severe as there will frankly be little incentive for Western trialers to come east. Consider what that will mean for our genetics.


You may agree or disagree, but the fact is that life in the Border collie world without the Bluegrass would be a little poorer.


I'm willing to help out if anyone in NC is interested in getting together a Bluegrass benefit trial. I helped out at Steve's Tennessee Finals benefit trial and we raised several thousand.


Note, for those of you who can't get involved in trials - there's a great option available - handler sponsoring:


We will also borrow, in modified form, the in-genius fundraising idea of the Meeker Classic SDT. We are asking for persons to donate a minimum of $50.00 toward sponsoring an Open handler of the Bluegrass Classic. Our goal is to obtain 130 individual or business sponsors.

Each sponsor's name will appear in the program. Each sponsor will be paired with the name of an Open Handler, via a random draw. Sponsors

paired with the winning Open Handler of each day will be provided with an autographed, 5 x 7 framed photo of their winning Handler & Dog. The

sponsor paired with the over-all winning Handler will receive an engraved plaque, a duplicate winning ribbon, a personally signed and

framed 5 x 7 photo of their Handler and Dog, as well as some other fabulous prize (yet to be determined). The sponsor, if present, will

be welcome in the winning photo.


Please consider sponsoring an Open Handler & Dog for the Bluegrass Classic SDT! Send your check, payable to KBCA, to:

Laura Hanley

1400 Munch's Corner

Lexington, KY 40515

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