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Just saw on the news "Pet of the Day" segment a beautiful black and white "collie". It was marked like a BC, had longer hair and nose like a Lassie type collie. He was gorgeous - so if anyone looking for one, please help - think it was male. Said he was 7 months old and very laid back. Had the long, straight nose of a collie. Looked exactly like one of our BC/collie crosses we've had - and they are nice dogs.


Located - Fort Wayne, IN at Animal Control

was put on "Pet of the Day" on Feb. 5.


Wish we could have another, but already have 4 - and they're driving me nuts. Everyone is coming unglued with cabin fever around here - today's high is calling for 1 or 2 degrees above 0. Not supposed to get that cold here - or hasn't in decades. At least it isn't muddy any more, but sure hope those old girls can hold on until it warms up before having their lambs.

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Looks like it - looks so sad. Wish I could take him in - but just can't. In fact, if this cold doesn't break soon, I might. Our collie and my daughter's little tyrantess are bickering non-stop (collie is normally outside). Think we're all getting a bit stir-crazy and over-crowded.

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