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Male Aggression vs. Female Aggression?

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My dog is very friendly towards other dogs (and people).


However, a couple of times, at the dog park, he was almost atacked by a couple (always a pair) of other male dogs. No biting actualy took place, but the other dogs (once there were some Chow mixes, the other time, some ACD's) followed him and tried to provoke him, growling, barking and trying to nip at him, all aggressivly.


I know what you're thinking. Nope, it wasn't a playfull at all.


Well, both times, my dog ignored them and attempted to continue playing ball with me, without any success, since the dogs were body blocking him, until it got to the point that he had to turn around and snap in the air a few times to get them to leave him alone. All the hair on his back was raised, and he was transmitting the signal, THAT'S ENOUGH!


To avoid the scuffle, I threw a ball far, far away, and even though the other dogs tried to catch up with him, they didn't stand a chance, Ouzo being at least twice as fast as they were.


All this long story to explain that he can stand his ground, if needed, but he never looks to provoke anyone to a fight.


Now, there's this female lab mix in our apt. complex who has some issues She is very dominant and each time she sees Ouzo she barks, and lounges at him, while her "sister" (the abominable Aussiedoodle :D ) plays with Ouzo. Her owner is afraid to let her off leash thinking Taffy (the lab) will hurt Ouzo. I convinced her to let her loose, knowing that Ouzo's not a woos. She snaps at him, body slams in him and tries to block his access to his tennis balls/frisbee, looking all vicious. A couple of times she actualy bit him on the neck. She's very friendly with people, all wagging her tail and comming for kisses. But the moment she sees another dog, she tries to bite him.

Ouzo TOTALY ignores her reaction. Doesn't get scared, doesn't get mad, just acts as if she's not there. As if she's invisible. After she calms down, he comes to sniff her, but usualy gets another mouth full of teeth in his face :rolleyes: If she was a male dog acting the same way, I am certain a fight would begin.


Does he react diferently to her because she's a female? Or can he tell she's all showing off, and not actualy atacking him?


I know she wouldn't hurt him, that's why I actualy encourage her owner to let her play and socialize with Ouzo, since I noticed she's becoming mellower each time she sees him.


But how does Ouzo know that?!

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