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Julia Hunt

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The following comment was posted on another e-mail list where I am a member:


"BC's have been exploited big time in the UK and many of those not so great dogs are imported here".


In a follow-up post the same person stated:

"The fact is, there is a major surplus of BCs in the UK".


I inquired as to the source of her information and was told that it was from close associations with BC handlers around the country.


Anyone have an opinion on the validity of these statements?



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I would say that is a load of cr**. smile.gif


The best dogs are going overseas(from europe) because you americans have the big bucks. Many people over here in Europe believe if this contiues, we have to import dogs from the USA in the future.





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>>>"BC's have been exploited big time in the UK and many of those not so great dogs are imported here".<<<


As if they aren't here in the States.


Not so great dogs? I doubt anyone will sell their next possible Supreme Champions,besides there aren't many folks anywhere in the world who could handle such dogs.

Therefore,the point is moot on great dogs.


To the lister of the list which you are a member,I'll remind what Bill G. wrote in the past.

"Opinions are like a**holes,everybody's got one".

Don't get a dog or a pup if you are NOT aware of their faults and their strengths.


There are no such thing as a PERFECT dogs,if there were,we wouldn't know what to do with them or handle them properly.


Hope this will give a some leverage in your discussions with your other list.




Inci Willard






It's better to be silent and thought the fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.

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Guest PrairieFire

Ah Julia, as Inci reminds us, there are fools everywhere...and they seem to proliferate on some internet sites...


What's to validate or invalidate? The person has an ax to grind and is pretending to know something...


I, myself, know very few "BC" handlers, although I've had several International and National winners and perennial competitors staying at my farm...


Language will tell...



Bill Gary

Kensmuir, Working Stockdog Center

River Falls, WI



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