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This is where my TV is always turned to whenever you switch it on. But I was wondering how most of us receive shows like Animal Precinct and The Pet Psychic? I read through the posts on the Bin Laden tapes, but just watching one epidsode of Animial Precinct makes that brief image almost bearable. What stops these ASPCA officers from not busting the heads of these ****@# every day? A 20lb pit bull that gains nearly 30lbs in 2 weeks of decent care, or a dog so ravaged by ticks that his gums were white from anemia? Then we see what's her name trying to connect people to their pets who have passed; people so committed to their dogs that they'll do anything to be told they're still with them. I have called animal cruelty on a couple of occassions, only to be told there aren't enough officers and if the dog wasn't in immediate danger, they really couldn't do much (yes, LA is big and there aren't enough officers). I've considered becoming an officer myself, but I'm afraid if I had a weapon, I'd use it in rage. Kind of like the Bin Laden thread - what has become of mankind to be so warped as to abuse the most vulnerable of creatures? Including our children...


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