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Scottish Highland Games in Boise

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I know this is super last minute, but I was just recently able to contact the proper entities to get information on Clan booths at the Highland Games that will be happening on Sept. 23rd.


In the meantime I found out that they are looking for a sheepherding demo group to perform. All they have right now is agility, not very Scottish, but the dogs are. If anyone would like to get something put together please e-mail me privately. You'll need your own sheep as I don't have any myself and any panels for a small obstical course. Obviously I don't need to tell you that your dogs need to be under the utmost control and can hold sheep outstandingly well. You would have free entry into the event so you can enjoy the fun, food, and music while you get to show your dog off! And for any Wicked Tinkers fans out there, guess what? they are going to be there too!!


So please contact me as soon as possible if you think you may be interested.


Thanks, Lenaya

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