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FLA trial results?


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Originally posted by Mic:

Anyone have results from Okechobee or C-54?

From the Sheedog-L list:


Subject: Okeechobee SDT PN, and Novice results.


A Beautiful Sunny 85 degree day.

PN results Feb. 21, 2003

Judge Cheryl J. Williams

26 dogs


1.Dawn Boyce--Juno

2.Bill Hurd--Nick

3.Henry Kuykendall--Judy

4.Sandy Tindall---Hemp

5.Jim Murphy--Kit

6.Bill Hurd--Criss



Judge Angie McCrann

17 dogs


1.Lee Adams--Jinx

2.Ilsa Steinberg--Wizz

3.Jason Bransford--Alley

4.Jason Branford--Kelsey

5.Joanne Corn--Ty

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Originally posted by toney:

What about Open in both?

From the Sheepdog-L list:




DATE: FEB. 21-23




They did it again!! Quinn and Sandy Tindall hosted

another fantastic trial, ordered up beautiful sunny weather and had more than enough hospitality to go'round.


Friday began a great weekend of trialing, with the

Novice-Novice Class, run on a smaller field near by and ProNovice Class, which was on a smaller course set on the Open Field.

Both the ProNovice and Open Classes were required to attempt the maltese cross (which is always a

challenge!)in different variations before a team could successfully complete the course. Things ran so smoothly there was time for a ProNovice jackpot which all participants and spectators enjoyed.


The Open competition started on Saturday, with a 300 yd. outrun and finished up with the maltese cross, pen and shed. It was a true test of skill for dog and handler and many teams found it more than they had bargained for! The FL native sheep were ones to be reckoned with, although with patience and skill there were some very successful runs navigated by the competing teams.


Sunday dawned another beautiful day and the final day of the Open competition got underway with the same course assignment as on Saturday. Cheryl

Jagger Williams did a superb job judging the Open and ProNovice Classes.


The Tindall's provided a delicious handler's dinner on Friday night that consisted of Bar-B-Q ribs and chicken with all the trimmins'. Ummmm! Entertainment was provided by Billy Earl, his music and songs were enjoyed by all.


Thanks go to Judges Cheryl Jagger Williams and Angie McCrann, who judged the Novice Class. Also special thanks to clerks Lynn Fehner, Lisa Zimmerman, Cathy and Ed Balan. Others that lended a helping hand include Joanne and Jim Murphy, Arlene Schadt and Bill Hurd. Can't wait 'till next time!


Sat. results--open-51 dogs

1.Dick Williams--Tip

2.Mary Brighoff-Mirk

3.Roger Deshambeault-Trim

4.Laura Rizzo--Fly

5.Leroy d'Entremont--Cap

6.Henry Kuykendall--Moss

7.David Saunders--Jill

8.Judith Kelly Reese

9.Angie McCrann-Jim

10.Mary Brighoff-Val


Sun. open- 48 dogs

1.Cindy Good-Jessie

2.Henry Kuykendall-Moss

3.Penny Tose-Taylor

4.Ken Arrendale-Wolf

5.Dick Williams-Del

6.Cindy Good--Jet

7.Ken Arrendale-Mac

8.Mary Brighoff-Mirk

9.Leida Jones-Riches

10.Bruce Garlic-Meg


Overall Open Champion

Cindy Good--Jessie

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