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Bittersweet New Year's Day trial results-congrats Bill Fosher

Guest C Denise Wall

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Guest C Denise Wall

From sheepdog-L


Snowless, sunny, FUN!


These key words describe the Bittersweet New Year's Day Trial in Hampton, CT.

Added to this was the warm spirit of the season brought by that handler's

gathered here to run their dogs welcoming in the New Year! The trial ran

efficiently, allowing for a relaxed New Year's luncheon midday. With laughter

and cheerfulness abundant, the atmosphere was much like a family reunion.


Kathadins were run for the dogs in the Novice, Pro-Novice & Nursery classes

with the notorious Bittersweet Border Leicester/Cheviot crosses saved for the

more experienced Ranch & Open dogs. Ellen Skillings ably judged over 50 runs

while Sylvia Murray, Sara Murray and Larry Campion worked the hold out pen.

Thank you to the many others who pitched in and helped out with spotting,

secretarying, exhausting, scorekeeping, etc., making this the success it was.


The results are as follows:

Novice 6 runs

1 Dave Lewis Jenna

2 Tenley Dexter Kate

3 Molly King Nell

4 Yvonne O'Brien Maude


Pro-Novice 17 runs

1 Melissa DeMille Max

2 Rob Drummond Spy

3 Bev Lambert Brie

4 Carol Campion Bart

5 Sally Lacy Jean


Ranch 8 runs

1 Kent Kuykendall Meg

2 Amy Dunnington Scout

3 Rob Drummond Spot

4 Emily Yazwinski Tarr

5 Brenda Buja Dice


USBCHA 6 runs

Bev Lambert Brie

Carol Campion Bart


Open 17 runs

1 Bev Lambert Kirk

2 Kent Kuykendall Coon

3 Bev Lambert Pippa

4 Kent Kuykendall Dehl

5 Sally Lacy Chess

6 Bill Fosher Molly

7 Brenda Buja Dice

8 Carol Campion Liz

9 Kate Collins Buddha

10 Greg Hamm Galen

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