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Trial result from Shepherd's Crook Trial @ Purina Farms

Steve Riddle

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Well, I think we had a good time for our first attempt! Here are the scores vrom our Sec. Robin Reasoner (who did an excellent job and won the Aurther Allen award for training her own dog)!


Shepherd's Crook Stock Dog Trial Results



Saturday 14 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing

Allen Hickenbottom Jill 95 1st

Harry Enloe Clay 88 2nd

Mike Neary Ben 86 3rd

Linda Hirsch Meech 83 4th


Sunday 14 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing

Linda Hirsch Meech 94 1st

Marc Christopher Kim 93 2nd

Harry Enloe Clay 91 3rd Trial Res

Allen Hickenbottom Hemp 89 4th

Allen Hickenbottom Jill 84 Trial High




Saturday 5 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing

Greg Estes Chris 85 1st

Monty Hogue Sach 78 2nd


Sunday 5 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing


Greg Estes Chris 80 1st Trial High

Marc Christopher Kim 79 2nd

Monty Hogue Sach 63 3rd Trial Res




Saturday 22 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing

Tom Sorrels Sam 77 1st

Tom Sorrels Cass 76 2nd

Linda Hirsch Grace 76 3rd

Steve Riddle Rerun 75 4th

Linda Hirsch Mac 75 5th

Monty Hogue Rulon 74 6th

Steve Riddle Jan 72 7th


Sunday 22 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing

Tom Sorrels Cass 77 1st Trial High

Linda Hirsch Mac 75 2nd

Steve Riddle Jan 75 3rd

Tom Sorrels Sam 74 4th Trial Res

Monty Hogue Louie 73 5th

Greg Estes Charlie 72 6th

Monty Hogue Rulon 72 7th




Saturday 20 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing

Mary Groh Zeke 68 1st

Robin Reasoner Mac 67 2nd

Andrew Christopher Rick 67 3rd

Wendy Carlson Kue 66 4th

Jennifer McDonald Stoli 65 5th

Ken Calder Belle 62 6th


Sunday 21 teams

Handler Dog Score Placing


Connie Terschluse Lil 69 1st

Bridget Fridley K 68 2nd

Jennifer McDonald Stoli 67 3rd

Mary Groh Kitt 67 4th

Robin Reasoner Mac 67 5th Trial High

Stephanie Whitener Hank 66 6th

Mary Groh Zeke 65 Trial Res




"A good dog may be hard to find, ...but a hard dog usually means it's been dead for a while"

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