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I am a statistician that would like to get as much data as I can from all USBCHA sanctioned trials for Open, Pro-Novice, and Nursery. I would like only the scores, dogs name, handlers name, the final placing and how many dogs entered the category (O,PN,N). I need only the top 10 dogs for each category. I will be using this information to keep track of the top handlers and dogs, and try to create a national ranking system for handlers and dogs independent of the current ranking system set up by the USBCHA.


If I am somewhat successful in collecting this data I may expand the ranking system to include the distance of the outruns and the type of sheep used, but I am going to start small at first. However, if this information is available I would like to collect this as well.


If anyone has any suggestion on how best to collect the data please advise me.




Pat Cane

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Hi Pat,


This could be tough. I don't know if there's a single source for this information.


You see, the USBCHA sanctions only Open and Nursery. They would be the official source for all trial results. The many regional clubs sanction the novice classes, such as pro-novice, and they would be the sources for your statistics for those results.


Some trial results are posted to Sheepdog-L, but it is not complete or official.


Best of luck on your project, and keep us apraised of how it comes along.


A point of curiosity: Why did you decide to seek only the top 10 placings?

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