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Okay, 64W to 95N, exit Ashland (54W). Go through town, resist the urge to stop and stay a while, go over the RR tracks, out of town about 8-10 miles to Scotchtown Rd., turn R. Scotchtown is about 1-2 miles up on the L., turn on Chiswell Rd for parking just before you see the house (the oldest frame house in the state of VA). Lovely place. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Thank you Debbie, for directions. I plan on

being there. Your directions are great--don't

be hard on yourself--I can get lost in my own

back yard!! I just follow the border collies

to the back door or try to follow the sound of

the sheep screaming for more grain. : )

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You can shear a sheep with an Oster A5 clipper and a 7F blade. It takes a while, but it can be done. I have a sheep with a health dilemma and I wanted to avoid taking him up to the shearing demo for Tom to do, so I took a whack at it. Looks pretty good.

The demo is still on for Saturday, pending my getting Tom on the phone tomorrow to confirm. His computer's still broke.

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I talked to Tom (had b'fast with him) on Monday and he said then he was going down there on Saturday (I was amazed that it takes him only two hours to get from Strasburg to Hanover). Anyway, in case you were getting nervous, he still was planning to come as of two days ago....



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