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Bluegrass Finals results are posted

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Although the results of all the Open II runs are not yet listed, the finals results are posted at www.bluegrasstrial.com, and click to go to trial results, and then to finals results.


Our own Denise Wall finished 10th in the finals of what may be the most challenging and prestigious sheep dog trial in the East! Congrats to Denise, and also to Christine Koval, Penny Tose, and Craig Rogers for their great runs in Open.

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Yay Denise! When do our lessons start? :D:D:rolleyes:


And to everyone else who did very nicely, of course, congratulations. You should be proud of the work you've done with your dogs and the contribution you're making to the future of the breed.


Denise, give Mick a slobbery kiss from me.



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I hope they do have it next year, as I was planning to try to work out my production schedule so I could go. It wasn't possible to change the schedule around this year and I had to be here to check/correct design proofs for the magazine so we could stay on schedule going to the printer this week (and since we're a staff of one, I couldn't even delegate!). I hate when work gets in they way of stuff. But at least I have a job....


Anyway, I went two years ago and enjoyed the heck out of it, though I was running only in the novice classes. I was looking forward to going back and trying my hand in open (now that I have an open dog), but life and work (and lack of $$) have managed to get in the way!


So I just have to live vicariously through those of you who did go. And hope for next year....



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