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Missed the Jack Knox Clinic :(

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Rebecca, sorry I wasn't able to make the clinic, this weekend. I have been planing on this for several months, and of course the best laid plans.......! Phoenix was not feeling well, and I didn't know what was going on with him. He wouldn't eat his food for going on 3 days. Ate treats, and a steak I cooked up for him, but not his regular food. He threw up Friday night, and was eating grass everytime he went out, so I think his tummy was upset or something. He finally ate his dinner tonight!! Sigh of relief for me... I was getting worried. Still don't know, he did this a couple of months ago for 2-3 days too, and I took him to the vet, and the Dr. said he was fine. Who knows????? I could say he was acting weird, but for a 7 month old BC, what's considered weird!!!! LOL!

Anyway, I was soooo looking forward to meeting you and your dogs. Hopefully we will have another opportunity in the not too distant future.

Hope ya'll had a great time.

JoeAnne Mirra, Sitka, Phoenix and crew

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We're up there multiple times every year so I'm sure I'll see you - we'll both have pups next time I guess! I'm going to try to make it for one of Debbie's clinics in Maryland this year. Someone promised to put me on the list and I'm going to chase him down if I don't hear from him next month! :rolleyes:


The weather was horrendous but the clinic was good, one of the better ones in terms of improvement in the dogs over the weekend. It makes things really clear when you can see the direct result of what Jack is saying, in the progress each dog makes. The dogs get better at every clinic I've been to, but this one stood out in how dramatically improved some of the dogs were by the third day. And they were good dogs, too - lots of potential being tapped there.


Don was certainly toeing the line by the end! I got some pointers on where he was pulling my chain and what to do about it. Doug the Dog was showing some quiet confidence on the drive that we knew was there but was hard for Patick to get to.


Getcha next time . . . :cool:

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