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Gary Ericsson Cattledog Clinic May 14-15

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GARY ERICSSON STOCK DOG CLINIC-Rain or shine at Lavelle Farms' new heated Rafter L Bar Arena, 3022 Fox Lake Road, New Marshfield, Ohio. Friday-Saturday, May 13-14, 2005.

LAVELLE FARMS 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Famed Oklahoma dog trainer and western artist Gary Ericsson will be returning to Ohio to conduct another low stress livestock handling clinic with stock dogs.


General ranch, farm and trial work with stock dogs for beginners and experienced trialers alike. Trailer loading, driving, fetching, sorting, shedding, and outruns will be covered on dog broke stock. Sheep will be available, but the emphasis will be on cattle. Only a limited number of dogs allowed each day to provide for multiple sessions for each dog and handler. $150.00/dog for both days if enrolled and paid by before May 1, 2005. $175.00 afterwards. Discounts for a second dog. Spectators $15.00/day; $25.00 entire clinic. A timed arena "fun" trial on dog broke cattle will be held on Saturday afternoon. E-mail John P. Lavelle today to enroll at jlavelle@johnplavelle.com or get more information at www.lavellefarms.com


I have attended three of Gary's clinics with my Border Collies. Celt had his first training experience with stock at one of them and I believe it gave him a very good start.


These clinics are (in my opinion) primarily aimed at serious cattle farmers/handlers who plan to use their dogs in real on-farm/ranch situations. However, participants include hobby farmers and small-scale stockmen/women who wish to utilize their dogs' abilities on their stock.


Trial-type obstacles are used in the training as is a round pen for beginners (and evaluating dogs), and trailer loading is included in the instruction.


Sheep are available for those who want to work with sheep and also for dogs that are just starting training.


John Lavelle holds several of these clinics yearly at his farm, which is a fabulous facility. Motels are available within 15 to 30 minutes of the farm (Athens and Jackson OH), and there are local bed and breakfasts.


There will be a cattledog trial held at the farm in early July. Information on that is, I believe, on the website. I would surely go to watch that but I have other commitments that can't be changed that weekend.

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