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possible allergy


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Hi folks,


I posted this on another board so many moons of apologies for cross posting however just curious about Louie's itching. Currently, 8 weeks old and scratches a lot and has no fleas.


I currently feed him Iams puppy food and just ordered some organic stiuff form Innova.


I just looked on-line re: AvoDerm Puppy Chicken Meal & Rice.


Does anyone use this brand and is it tasty for their pupster? help with potential allergy if any?


I am going to my vet next week for an up-dated vaccination and will ask him about a possible allergy.


I do hear it is common, No?


Thanks in advance,


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Are you absolutely positive he has no fleas? Remember that fleas spend the majority of their time *off* the dog, so not seeing them on him doesn't mean he hasn't been bitten by one (and if he's allergic to fleas, it would take just one bite to get a reaction).


If your vet truly thinks he's got a food allergy, the vet can test for allergens to help you narrow down what your pup can or cannot eat. That may be more cost-effective in the long run than counting on a hit-or-miss approach to changing food and seeing what happens.



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Just a quick FYI, allergy testing is notoriously inaccurate when trying to identify food allergies.


Going from Iams to Innova may help if the itchiness is just scritch-scratching and not intense. That's often a sign of a sensitivity to grain fractions or possibly corn.

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