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Saturday morning Rufus was fine. We went tout, had a good long walk, he did his duty and then I left for a few hours to paint a cerebal palsy center (it was Denver's big volunteer day).


When I came back everything was still fine. I took Rufus for a walk, etc. Afterwards I left with a neighbor to run some errands. No biggie.


When I returned home, though, Rufus was acting weird. I would almost say he had a stomach ache but I couldn't confirm it. He didn't want to move, didn't want to stand, wouldn't follow me around the house. I had guests over and usually he's annoying to visitors (demanding attention) and even they said he seemed subdued.


I fed him at his usual time but he only ate a couple of bites. Getting worried, I gave him some chicken treats he usually can't get enough of and he took it from me and then laid it down. He didn't eat it.


I then ran to Wendy's and got him some chicken nuggets (I know, not good for him, but they're not good for us either:D ). Out of five he would only take one from me.


The next day, Sunday, he seemed back to his old self. We went on a long walk, he seemed to do his duty. That is, he was off-leash and went away from the trail and I didn't follow. He was in the position, though. He was running around chasing squirrels and cats again acting goofy etc. He finished his food that he didn't the night before and I thought everything was okay.


This morning he seemed okay as well. I took him for a run (I'm getting fat) and usually within the irst couple hundred yards he stops to poop. This morning we ran the 2.5 miles and nothing. When we got back I gave him a cookie (dog biscuit) and he wouldn't eat it. His behavior seems fine except normally he eats any and everything. He's drinking water, which is good.


I then took hi for a long walk to see if he'd go to the bathroom and he did which I watched, but it wasn't much compared to normal Rufus-bombs.


I'm wondering if something's wrong with his tummy. As far as I know he didn't get into anything out of the ordinary, so I'm confused. He hasn't been sick and aside from Saturday his behavior's been fairly normal so I haven't taken him to the vet, yet. (I'm not financially stable right now, so the vet's a last option for me).


Any thoughts?


I originally thought he'd eaten something bad and passed it, but now I'm not so sure.





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Not to cause you too much worry, but you might want to take him in and have an exam and/or x-ray done, if this behavior persists. My previous dog was a terrible stick chewer and he ended up having a large obstruction of wood fibers that blocked his bowel. We tried to keep all sticks out of the yard, but somehow he always seemed to find them. :rolleyes:


Hopefully the issue will resolve itself and Rufus will be back to his usual self soon. Good luck!

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