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Possibly failed hip replacement


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Hi all! I need some advice and help, hopefully you guys can give me some advice and tips.


My beloved Remi (7yo male) was diagnosed with hip dysp. many years ago. The diagnosis was bilateral, with his left being a lot worse then his right. We waited until it was obvious that he was having difficulty. Almost 2 years ago we had his left hip replaced. The surgery was almost an immediate success. After a slow summer and rehab swimming he returned to almost normal activity. He doesn't seem to run as fast as he did as a pup but you would never know he had had surgery if you didn't know him.


We are very active with our dogs, ball, frisbee, walking, running, swimming. Both dogs are in excellent shape, not overweight and have excellent muscle mass. We are constantly aware of his hip and are careful to keep him active and safe.


Friday we were playing ball- Remi went after a ball and seemed to land funny on his hind legs. I have seen him wipe out way worse then that but this time he pulled up lame. There was no squealing, wimpering, or any indication that this was anything other than a "funny landing" I immediately took him inside to rest. Of course it is his replaced side that he seems to have hurt. He seemed to put almost no weight on it immediately after but after several hours of rest he was using the leg gingerly. We have rested him since Friday and have seen some improvement but not a lot. He is placing weight on the leg but there is a noticeable limp. When he tries to go faster than a walk he bunny hops. His left foot also seems to be turned out.


I took him to a new local vet (we moved 3 weeks ago to a new state) yesterday who suggested we wait a week until we do anything. She did a physical examine that seems to show his elbow and foot are ok. He is tender near his hip but the discomfort seems to be minimal.


My questions for you are 1) Should I demand and xray today to confirm that the implant is ok? 2) what are the signs/symptoms of a failed replacement 3) are there any internet resources that you can suggest?


I am 7.5 months pregnant and a bit of a hormonal wreak. I have been crying all night and am rather worked up over this. I understand that this situation is not critical but I am having a bit of trouble dealing with the possibility that something is really wrong with him. I really appreceiate all of your help and understanding.

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