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O/T - pancreatitis and diet


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Since there seems to be such an well educated group of people here, I wonder if you would mind giving your input on this.

Zachary almost died last summer from severe pancreatitis which is apparently common in miniature schnauzers. He used to eat some people food, mostly pasta and he loved raw carrots and peas. On occasion, he would have a small piece of chicken. Since his hospitalization, he has been only fed dry dog food and special dog buscuits. His health has been remarkable since then. He is far more active, bouncy, all around just a happy little guy. When I asked the vet about feeding him some raw vegetables, he was not really keen on the idea. Now I know that schnauzers are also prone to diabetes and perhaps that's a good reason not to give him the vegetables as well. I haven't really been able to find much on the internet about diet and pancreatitis except to avoid all fats. Any thoughts out there?

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