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Hook & Loop (Velcro) Rx: Restoring Grip Strength

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Hook & Loop Closures (aka Velcro) on pet and human apparel become less effective over time.  Hair and fibres get bound in amongst the hooks and loops, preventing these from interlocking with each other as well as they used to when new.
To many people, clearing the build-up is a difficult task and results are seldom satisfactory.  A quick search today brings up methods like using a lint roller, applying duct tape, grooming with a comb, grooming with a tooled intended for working with safety pins called a "Snappi".

A different approach that I have used for decades is to reach for a common, inexpensive dressmaker's tool known as a "Seam Ripper".  An image of the seam ripper's tip is shown here


The tip of the tool is easily worked under the matted hair, fibres and lint caught in the hooks & loops.  Use care to avoid pulling out threads attaching the backing to the apparel.  Work with decent lighting, a cloth on your lap and a trash can near by while you watch videos or visit with companions to help pass the time and reduce the inevitable tedium.

The OCD amongst you can keep at this task until every speck of debris has been extricated.  The rest of you will be able to see meaningful results from less dedicated efforts and get by adequately with periodic touch-ups.

I notice that seam rippers have gained fancy features with commensurate price increases since I bought my bog standard tool years ago.  IMO, there is no need for anything more than the basic version, but suit yourself.


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