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We adopted a young, neutered male from a rescue service.  We’re used to Labs.  
we’ve had him about 4 years now.  He’s well behaved, but has issues. He might be a mixed breed.    
He’s one of them that is highly sensitive to his surroundings and nervous most of the time.  
He has bonded to my wife primarily, but I feed and love on him when he accepts it.  
He’s a good watch dog and gets along pretty well with visiting dogs.  

1.  We’re considering getting a Lab puppy.  How would this affect him?   Would it matter what breed we got?

2. Though he’s primarily bonded with my wife, would it help him for me to walk him on leash?  I’m concerned of all the stimulus a walk would give him.   We have a ranch that he LOVES running around on, no leash.  

Thank you


Boerne, Tx


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Hi Jim, 

This forum is for Stockdog Questions Only.   I see that you have also posted in the General Border Collie Discussion forum, as well.  That would be the correct forum for your post, and you should have many responses there.  


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