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Miniature Border Collie?

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I got my first ever BC only a couple of days ago. He's mostly healthy- only a throat infection so far and has all the looks and markings of a regular BC. He's fairly active, has a decent appetite, loves nibbling and gets along well with my 5 month old beagle. There is one problem though: he is small, about the size of a 7-week old and weighs only 3.7 kg. Yet my breeder insists that he is 4 months old, and that he's a genuine BC. After I kept insisting to her that no 4 month old BC could be that small, she has stopped replying to me. Are there such things as miniature BCs, and is he one? Is he suffering from dwarfism? Or is the breeder, for whatever reason, just lying about his age?

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