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10 week old puppy bites constantly

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Hi everyone

I’m hoping you might be able to help me and give me some advice! 
I’m a new puppy owner to a lovely 10 week old female border collie. We’ve also never had a dog before so it’s all about learning for all of us right now.

The main issue we are having is that she is very bitey. All the time! The only time she isn’t biting is when she is sleepy. We’ve tried everything we’ve read so far - redirecting her to toys, staying still, turning our back on her etc etc. Sometimes she will take the toy but drop it as we move and latch onto our trouser leg or ankle again. We have only had her 2 weeks and already we are upset by this as it’s seeming never ending and like there has been no improvement at all.

We can’t take her out walking until this weekend when the recommended time after her vaccinations has passed and I am so hoping and praying that this helps!

I would really appreciate some advice or even stories from others that this stage does pass eventually. Help! 



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