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Is my Border Collie Puppy overweight?

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My 4 month old border collie puppy is just about 30lbs. On many websites, they say he should be around 15-20lbs. He is completely healthy, no hanging stomach, you can feel his ribs, visible waist from behind ribs,  and there is a tuck behind his rib cage.  So there is no signs of obesity at all.  He goes on a roughly mile long walk 3-4 times a day, and is outside almost always unless he is sleeping. His family plays with him for 30 min twice a day, with a lot of running and exercise.  He has a couple other puppy friends which he plays with for about 2 hours every 3rd day. We feed him 1 cup of dry food 3 times a day (7:00, 12:00, 6:00), and once a day fresh chicken and carrots mixed in with his food. He is allowed to have 1 small bone a day, (about 2 inches long).  If there is something I am doing wrong could someone please let me know?

Thanks so much!

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