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Refusing to go out

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Good Morning ,Hoping I can get some advice.My BC is now 9years old now and roughly 4 years ago she stopped going out with anybody in my family (Wife and Kids) and would only go out with myself .This was fine as she was still getting exercise and able to go to the toilet.Now over the past couple of days she has stopped going out with me ,she will go out the front door but just lies down .she looks scared ,although as I’m out with her all the time can remember nothing that has occurred that would scare her.In the house she is lively and when out the back garden she is her normal self ,the issue is when we go out to the front.I even tried to pick Lola up ,put her in the car and drove to a piece of a walk I know she loves but she would not leave the car,tail between her legs looking very scared.My big issue at the moment is that she will not go to the toilet even in the back Garden.Thanking you  all in advance .

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