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Barking at the door, unable to relax, pulling on lead and mouthing/growling at people when trying to relax.

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18 months ago while I was living abroad my mum decided to get a border collie (her friend whos dog had puppies really persuaded her). Sadly as I expected, my mum can be quite lazy so for the first year said puppy hardly got any walks and had no obedience training and was in fact not house trained. I moved back and decided to take over her care. After around six months I managed to house train her, with the occasional accident. 

She is a very high energy dog who cannot sit still and constantly wants to play, to the point that while we are sat relaxing, she will grab a toy and push it against our legs, nipping and growling for us to play with her. She does this mostly to my mum as my mum reacts to her whereas I will take her toy away and ignore her. She has began to settle slightly better while in the house but I’m wondering if anyone has any tips to train a dog to ‘ask for permission’ to play and not pester people when they are trying to relax as I no longer have guests due to her bad manners. I know it’s not her fault but I just want her to be a regulated, happy, polite dog who understands boundaries. 

I do take her out for big walks however afterwards she can still be full of energy.

She also barks a lot when somebody knocks at the door and when family members are sat eating and not sharing with her. I know this is normal dog behaviour, but I would love to teach her not to do this for the sake of my neighbours. 

She is a lovely, lovely dog but just has a few bad habits, which can make life quite stressful at times when Lottie completely ignores instructions. 


Any advice would be really appreciated, thankyou.

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