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I have a 2 years and 2 months old border collie named Spike. He's really great, obediend and loving. The only consistent problem is snuffing arround when outside which takes all his attention and i can't get his attention back, meaning he won't listen to me when in this state. (I think he smells female piss because his mouth starts foaming) and lately he fells the need to bark aggressivly at some big male dogs. But at the same time has best friends bog dogs with which he plays often. (All non neutered).  So i was thinking of getting him neutered in order for him to pay more attention to me, to cuddle more, to be more accepting of all dogs and maybe less sniffing/marking.   Does anybody have any experience with a situation like that? Any other experience with neuterinf and behavior changes? Open for all advice. Thank you.

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