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Puppy behaviour advice needed

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Hi all, hoping for some insight.

We have a 4.5 month old girl who is beginning to get pretty impossible out on walks. Since the day we started taking her out she’s been a bit nippy at our heels but recently it’s escalated and I want to make sure I’m addressing it properly and not accidentally encouraging it.


She’ll, seemingly at random, start jumping up at us, growling and snapping - she does this whether she’s on or off the lead. She’ll also turn around and start biting her lead (when it’s on), which is brand new behaviour in the last week. Going from her posture I don’t think it’s aggressive but it’s getting more boisterous - today she ripped my top. 


We’re exercising her a couple of times a day, 20-30 minutes each, usually off lead and at her pace, with a game of fetch thrown in. We also play mental games in the house and garden, like finding things, which she loves. 


Whenever she has one of her “episodes” we firmly tell her no, get her to sit and then give her a treat for doing so. This works but then often when we start moving again it restarts. It’s getting much more frequent and making me feel nervous to take her out as I’m expecting a battle. Any advice very gratefully received!


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