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Adopting a Collie

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My fiancé and I have both grown up with dogs and he has previously owned all collies, we were always planning on getting one to join our family. We are currently living in a relatively small flat While damage is being fixed on our house (the flat is a Part of the house so locations won’t be moved etc) and an urgent rehoming has come to our attention. A lovely girl who seems perfect for us, she is used to being a crate most of the day and then having walks. 
like I said our flat is on the small side but we will only be here for a few weeks, we live in the countryside and right next to a beach. She will have full reign of the flat - and will be free to join us whenever we’re out and about. 

I suppose my question is knowing a collies temperament and energy levels would it be okay to temporarily have her in a small flat?  Obviously lots of exercise — or would it be best to wait until our house is fixed up? 

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