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All work/Play no time for potty

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So I have my lovely old Gypsy gal she’ll be 8yrs old this year.  We’ve been there done that. She’s very well trained. She used to be my demo dog in her younger day for training classes. However, there is one issue we have always had. 
most days its not a problem. She’s always asking to go out so we can go play. Nothing new, it does make it tough to know if she’s honestly asking to go out to go potty, or if she just wants to play. 

Regardless though even if I know she’s definitely got to go. She walks out the door and turns and faces me. I’ll tell her to go potty and the frustration begins. She will just stare in at you and not move. Ill shut the door and then she starts barking at me in the house. Telling her to go potty is useless. Bc if you give her the go potty Command she will ether continue barking or take offense and lay down at the door. 
my best option has always been shut the door walk away for a few minutes. But then she might decide fine ill just go up the road to the neighbors house. Standing outside with her is just as bad as standing at the door she just goes underfoot or sits next to u and gives me her eye. 
The only way I can get her away from the door or me is tell her to go get me a stick. However lately she’s started catching on that its a ploy as well.

Its really starting to frustrate my live-in boyfriend bc just when you think shes had enough time she comes back in then runs into the spare room and dose her business. 
Any advice on how to get her to switch gears on outside is only for work and play?

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