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Are border collies prone to nipping/biting?

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I am considering a border collie to assist me on my cattle ranch. The biggest concern I have after researching the breed is its seeming propensity to nip/bite people. Is this a real issue with the breed? We have zero-tolerance for dogs biting due to the strict liability issues in our jurisdiction that hold the owner criminally liable for any and all aggressive dog incidents and always result in the dog being put down immediately, no questions asked, no second chances. This may seem harsh but is a necessity due to the large number of free-roaming and un-trained dogs in the area. I, personally, have had to shoot three dogs and trap two others (none were border collies) for attacking my children and killing our livestock. Having said this, border collies look like the perfect breed for working on the ranch if biting is not any more of an issue than with any other breed. Any thoughts and advise is greatly appreciated.

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