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Puppy aggression

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Sorry for the essay but I’m hoping someone can help me out. I have a 7 month old female border collie. She has always shown food guarding behaviours towards other dogs but this can be & has been managed with specific strategies. She is generally a very loving & social puppy but on a few occasions has shown some very aggressive behaviour toward me - usually when she is having to do something she doesn’t want to do. Ie being rinsed after being at the beach (we have now got that under control). A few weeks back she showed some food guarding/aggression at obedience class & then in the same class to same dog tried to guard the long lead I had just taken off of her, once the lead was removed from the situation she was back to her normal self & played with the other puppy in question. Once we got home she vomited & when I tried to clean it up she was guarding it from me & essentially tried to attack me. She was at odds for that whole day & but back to her normal self the next day. We’ve had no real problems since until last night where she started food guarding from my friends children who I was baby sitting, she had buried a treat under their trampoline, which she would not let them near & bit me when I retrieved it, she would never normally do this & allows me to give & take her food with no issues. Also if the children came within 2 metres of her food bowl that was inside in the same place it has been on the many occasions they have been at their house she would snarl & bark at them. Not long after this she had bloody, mucousy diarrhoea. On both of the occasions I have mentioned she has had a worming/flea chew in the 2 days prior. I am not sure if the aggression is a problem on its own or related to her being unwell/allergic reaction? I have contacted my local vet who has a specialised behavioural vet on staff & am awaiting an appointment but does anyone have any tips as this is all becoming quite distressing for myself & my puppy & I’m very worried about it all. Thanks Kirsty

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