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Using Ben’s big brain

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Ben is 1 now, he gets loads of exercise as we are lucky to live in an urban area that’s surrounded by open fields and farmland. 

He’s a very calm boy, good at being on his own and with very few destructive behaviours. He’s chewed the walls in the kitchen a few times, but very randomly. He went months between doing this and once he did it as soon as he woke up, at the weekend! So I couldn’t even put it down to being very bored for hours. Regardless, he’s not done it for a while now. 

The only other unwanted thing he does is to dig in the garden. He has about 5 dig sites on the go at the moment. Again-not a major issue and I’d hope he grows out of it. 

So-I’m keen to stimulate his brain more, so that he doesn’t become bored. He’s from a working line, both of his parents were working sheepdogs. So ideally I’d like to try him with some herding. The local farms seem to be mostly cattle, though there is one large farm locally that has many sheep. Ben does show an interest in the sheep, but of course he’s on his lead when they’re close. 

Does anyone know anywhere that I can take him to see if he can learn to herd? I’m in North West England. So anywhere in this region or in North Wales would be ideal. 

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