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Question re ball training

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My 16 week pup had a training breakthrough today. I’ve been kicking soft socker balls around for him in his fenced in yard to get him enjoying playing with the balls.  He loves them! About two weeks ago I noticed him start to focus on the balls, give them the eye and then rush to pounce on them at the last minute. I have managed to time a ‘lie down’ command to the point where I suspected he was about to lie down anyway and low and behold, today he did several ‘lie downs’ from a stand, with me commanding him from a distance. I was chuffed.  As his next natural move is to then rush the ball and pounce on it I am not sure what command to focus on next. My ultimate goal is for him to herd the balls into a net. This won’t be for competition but as an opportunity for us to ‘work’ together. I have read lots of training books but am interested in opinions based upon what he is naturally wanting to do after a lie down e.g. rush the ball. Thanks in anticipation. 

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