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Attention Span??

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Hi guys, I'm in the throes of adolescence :rolleyes: just wanted to ask, when did you see your border collie's attention span return??

Dallas was really good up until probably 7 months old, maybe a month or two older. He had solid concentration. We could work on training for at least 10 minutes at a time if not a bit longer. Once he hit adolescence, as I've been told many times, his attention span decreased. A lot. Now I can only do maybe 2 minutes of training and he gets frustrated or he just doesn't focus, so I tend to just do 5 tricks with him at a time and leave it at that. The only time he's more focused is when we're out at the beach and I make him do a command before throwing the ball for him (usually come or stay). Even then it's only a few repetitions and I can tell he's mentally done. His 'come' is always pretty good when using the ball, but his 'stay' becomes shaky after a few reps so I make sure not to push him to failure. 

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