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Resource Guarding/Food Aggression


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I was just looking for some advice.  I have a female border collie and she’s 5 months old.  She is such a confident pup and she loves playing with people and other dogs.  The only real problem I’m experiencing is that she is really aggressive with resource guarding when it comes to chew sticks, bones and the like.  She isn’t as bad with her normal food that she has at meal times but anything of ‘high value’ you just can’t go near her without her growling, showing her teeth then if you go to close she snaps at you.  I’ve also found that if she’s fixated on something and you try and get her away from whatever it is she does the same thing.  My girlfriend has guinea pigs and she will just sit and stare at them all day and won’t move even if you call her then when you go over to her she growls.

Does anyone have any tips or training methods I can do to try and get her to stop this behaviour?  Anyone with success stories having had this problem?

Any advice appreciated!


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