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Tick control, ie) garlic

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Wondering if any or you use a natural product like these garlic pill things(cant remember the name) but you can give it to dogs, cats, and horses. Does it work? or would it be better to use a frontline type of product? We are in Colorado and are soon moving to SD, when we took the pups there to visit my hubby, they got attacked by ticks, soooo i want to be proactive before we move instead of reactive after we move.

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Garlic and brewer's yeast combined with a thorough daily check might (emphasis on might) be adequate where the tick burden is low. Frontline works much better.


Whether you want to take the risk will also depend on whether the local tick population is carrying a heavy disease load. Here in New England, Lyme disease is so prevalent that it's very important to protect dogs from ticks.



Bill Fosher

Surry, NH

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Guest PrairieFire

I agree with Bill.


HOWEVER, for a number of years, with a certain dog - I wrapped sage in a bandana, and then liberally applied pennyroyal to the bandana and tied it around the dogs neck, replacing the sage and renewing the pennyroyal every couple of weeks...


This appeared to work under the circumstances we lived at that time - in the far north (shorter season) and, at the time, few, if any, tick diseases.


Now I use Frontline.



Bill Gary

Kensmuir, Working Stockdog Center

River Falls, WI



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