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It's not too late!

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It's not too late to sponsor a team at the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals! There are still a number of teams that have not yet been sponsored. One of them might be a handler who is your friend, your mentor, or simply someone you admire. Or a dog that you like or who is related to your dog.

Sponsorships not only show support for the teams that are sponsored but they are vital part of the fund-raising for the Finals. The $100 cost can be paid by PayPal or check, and you can do it as an individual or as a group of friends.

Each sponsor gets their sponsorship listed in the program; their sponsorship announced each time their team runs on the field; a "thank you" package consisting of your choice of a hat or t-shirt (no choice of color or style but you do get to choose size on the t-shirt), a dog sponsor button, and a six-day pass (combined value of $80-85); and inclusion in the handlers' dinner on Saturday night with a raffle ticket for the great door prizes that night. Your sponsorship is also acknowledged on our website, on our Facebook page, and on Sheepdog-L.

You don't have much time left to submit your request for your sponsorship to be listed in our beautiful printed program, but if you miss the printing deadline, it will be listed in the addendum page to the program if it comes in soon enough. So, the sooner, the better!

Here is the page to use to submit your sponsorship request - select whether you want to pay by PayPal or by sending a check. Remember to complete your PayPal transaction on the page that comes up after you hit "submit" or to send your check to Sandy Payne at the address listed (with a copy of your sponsorship receipt or a note so she knows what the check is for).


Sue Rayburn

Dog Sponsor Coordinator


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Well, it isn't too late but it will be in a few hours -


As we get down the wire for the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Finals by becoming a Dog Sponsor. Thanks to you, we have gotten 410 sponsorships, every team has one or more sponsors (including the next nine teams on the Wait List), and the Finals has received a good amount of financial backing to help put on a quality trial in a fabulous venue.

Later today, the option to sponsor a team will be taken down from the website as we will not be in a position to keep that part of the website updated.

I'd like to express my thanks at this time to our webmistress, Maria Amodei, who has put in countless hours (in addition to living a very full life with many other responsibilities) to keep a vibrant, helpful, beautiful website up to date with information about the trial, merchandise, sponsoring, etc.

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