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quick agility brag

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So after a year of training we finally were old enough to compete in our first agility trial (18 months two days before the trial). Things went really well and Gypsy seemed to kick her speed up a notch for the trial (she was very excited) which gave me a little extra to contend with handling wise. We Q'd on 3 runs out of 8 (team relay, gamblers and one standard course). I need more work on my handling, all the other runs were messed up with little "oops" moments that as they were happening I was totally aware that what just went wrong was all my fault...

This was the last trial within a 2-3 hour drive until Febrauary so we have most of the winter to iron out all the little things we want to work on now. :rolleyes:


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That is a really cute picture!


What org. did you do? Sounds like USDAA maybe? Or does NADAC have teams.....


Sounds like lots of fun, our first (with Dazzle) is going to be Thanksgiving weekend.....gettin' close! I am sure that everything we will mess up on is of course going to be my fault - but none the less, I am training like mad! :rolleyes:


Again, congrats on the trial - I hope things keep going well for yas!

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