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That moment when they "get it"

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Gabe's been learning to roll over for a while now, but has seemed to still need a lot of physical cuing in order to be successful. Last night, for the first time, I was able to stand up and give just a verbal "roll over", and he did it! And then moved right along to not needing the "down" cue first, could be told to "roll over" and he would put himself down and do it.


My husband came into the room and saw him do it and asked "wow, when did he learn to do it without help?" "About 2 minutes ago".


He learns a lot of stuff, and this isn't the first trick he's learned, but he had a tough time putting it all together, so it was cool to really see that moment where he went from kind of knowing it to really knowing it. My brother seemed to be videoing, but totally failed. We'll try to get some video soon!

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Well done! It's always so motivating when they click to what your training them to do.

Now you can use rollover to teach, play dead.

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