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Rescued Border Collir Ace - progress and questions

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Hi everybody,


First of all, for those who replied to my previous post about our rescue border collie Ace, thank you! Ace is now a well-adjusted, friendly, happy girl thanks to all of your suggestions and helps.


When we first brought her home, she was scared of walking on a leash, cars, humans, loud noises, our cats and didn't know what to do with toys or treats. Now she meets and greets people (there's also some jumping but we are working on that), loves to play with her toys, can't wait to go on long walks, isn't bothered by cars and plays with one of our cats. I'm definitely going at her pace and not forcing her, and that has payed off.


However, we do have two issues that I'm not quite sure how to address and am hoping those with more experience can help me out.


1. Scared (terrified) of other dogs: her fears of cars and humans gradually diminished over the course of a few months with exposure (during our walks) and I hoped the same would happen with other dogs. As soon as Ace sees a dog, she freezes and wants to change course. If I try to calmly walk by them, she gets very agitated and usually stressed out. She forgets a few moments later and our walk continues as normal. She is generally better if she is sitting down and a dog walks pass us. The problem is I don't know any reliable dog owners with well trained dogs to introduce her to other dogs in a controlled environment. So the only time she sees and interracts with other dogs is when we are outside. Any suggestions?


2. Scared/intimadated by my partner: This is probably the more immediate and upsetting concern for us both. From the day she came to us, she has trusted me and seeks me out when she is scared, follows me around and pretty much acts like a "normal" dog when she is around me. She has been slightly more reserved with my parner and I thought this was because he is a man, deeper voice, bigger frame and that she would adjust over time. However, not much has changed despite the fact that she is no longer afraid of other people (men, women or children). She will still come in for pets and listen to him and come up on the couch if I'm also there. She has even slept with him before when I've been around. But there is a distinct fear when he approaches her (she backs away, yawns and lip-licks). She is just not comfortable around him, which is a bit heartbreaking really. He is currently feeding her, giving her treats, doing short training sessions (she will listen), going on walks (not everyday). Is this a time issue that we just need to wait a bit longer or is there something specific we can do?


Thanks a lot everybody!! (Also promise photos will come later)

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