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obedience fun match tonight!

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my mom is going to an obedience fun match tonight and might enter Blair, she asked me if I wanted to come and bring a dog, both my dogs know all the novice exersizes anyway(gotta keep those border collie brains occupied somehow lol) but as there is a group sit I am taking Misty, Happy doing a sit stay with a group of strange dogs is a bit of a leap lol Misty is getting much better at her stays, sometimes TOO good, I realized today that for the recall when I put her in the sit I cant say stay, because if I do she wont budge till I come back to her oops lol at least she will stay till I call her though, she is supposed to sit in front of me when she gets to me however..this could be a problem, when she comes to me she runs over stands on her hind legs turnes around so her back is to me, backs up till her back is against me, this way I can give her a belly rub without bending over.. :rolleyes:

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