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Yesterday afternoon I had the dogs outside with me, about 200 ft or so from the house. I threw the ball once before Levi took off screaming his scariest ruff ruff. Our property sits on a 50 acre open hay field and we were 15 ft from a small section that does not get cut. The coyote had been in the tall grass just feet from us when Levi flushed him. When I looked over, a huge coyote came running out and there went Levi and puppy Dixie barking like crazy. I ran through the tall grass to see Dixie running back to me. I grabbed her long line and ran. Saw the coyote standing 100 ft away just staring, so I called Levi as he had shut up now. As soon as I called him he took off screaming and barking at the thing. I was shocked he didn't listen but I have never seen this dog so pissed about something. A fly buzzes past him and he runs scared into his crate. But a coyote that appeared bigger than him, no issue apparently.


We ran about 1/2 mile through the whole field in 85 degree sun until the coyote was out of sight into the woods. Then of course, Levi came running when I called. For a dog that always recalls off animals, this was clearly different. He had a few stare-offs with the coyote, where we all just stood there staring at each other. I would have beat that thing with my foot and the chuk-it stick had it tried to harm my dogs. ;)


I was happy the coyote didn't want a fight and the puppy came running back right away. I have read so many stories of coyotes taking off with small dogs. I warned my neighbor who lets his Pomeranian run off leash. Luckily they have never messed with our chickens or goats. Just this spring we saw one next to the house. This time I spotted him first and got us back inside.


Anyone else have coyote stories? I never would have thought Levi would do that. Deer and fox get no reaction from him, he once barked at a deer in the yard but that was it.

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