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Firefly 11th or 12th time on sheep (mine too)

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Here is a short video of myself and Fly at a lesson several months ago. Due to scheduling conflicts and recent surgery, I have been unable to continue going as regularly as I'd hoped but hope to return to training next month. Since this video we have begun some driving work. I am really enjoying figuring it all out with her. She is very thoughtful and attentive to her work.


Of course, these are "trained" sheep. Moving on to lighter stock was an interesting challenge for me more-so than for her...


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You might consider posting video with "natural" sound rather than music so that those viewing can hear any commands, which would be helpful in interpreting the movement in your video better.

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It looks like Fly is enjoying working. I like videos of my work sessions because they allow me to step back and look at things from a different angle. I often see things that I did not notice at first. Most of the time it is a small thing but it can affect the way the dog is working.

I start my young dogs without commands as well. Especially if they are wanting to work really young. I try to get a nice steady bunch of sheep and help them and let the sheep teach them. That way I really have very little to correct but try to make sure it goes well and is a good experience. As they progress I just ask them for a bit more by setting up a bit harder senerios. I insist on a recall but that's about it at first. I want my dog thinking and using Instinct more than I want obedience.

With different sheep the dog will be different. The sheep seem to stay with you well. What happens if you actually ask her to gather and bring sheep to you rather than standing with the sheep? Doesn't have to be far but right now she is going to sheep but not really gathering. Maybe they are super flighty. If that is the case I would make sure you use different groups that allow her to gather a bit. The other thing I notice is that you wave the flag in front of you some and I wonder why. Some things people do and dont notice and sometimes people imatate other people but do not know Why they do things. Using the flag is pressure and can move the dog /correct the dog or place it in the right spot but I do not see a reason for correction when I watch. That makes me wonder if you are KEEPING her in a certain spot with the flag. Like maybe not going to far to the sides or front. IF that is the case I would caution you. There is a big differeence to the dog between keeping her right and letting her make a mistake and correcting. If you allow her to make a mistake and correct - doesn't have to be big or major correction - then she learns where she needs to be and is able to self correct. Rather than relie on you to keep her in the right place. It is the difference between using her instinct and herding by command/obedience.

Just something to keep in mind as you progess

Enjoy the journey

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Yes, she will gather and bring the sheep to me. I honestly can't remember why my trainer had me with the sheep that day since it's been several months ago. And I see what you mean about moving the flag and will pay close attention next time I'm out to see if I'm helping her or correcting her.

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